Sunday, 10 October 2010

Halloween is Coming

It's almost my favourite time of the year- All Hallow's Eve and this year I'm planning on going as Little Red Riding Hood. Last year was the successful Girl Scout costume, thanks to living in Britain I was the only one dressed as a Girl Scout and I loved my costume, though it wasn't so handy when I ended up in downpour at four in the morning.

This year I'm hoping will be the year when I finally get the Little Red Riding Hood look right, it will be my third time as Little Red and the first time I've outright bought the costume. The first time I was at a house party wearing a hooded cloak down to my ankles and under it I wore a black skirt and a red gypsy styled top with knee high black cowboy boots, not very Little Red, my friend also wore the same hooded cloak and a third friend was a werewolf so it made for good photos. Two years later I went out for Halloween with the same hooded cloak only this time with a pink-red corset, a slashed, black skirt and black boots underneath, and it was just as unsuccessful. In none of the photos could you tell what I was.

Mind you, you could only tell what one of my three companions was dressed as- he was a belly dancer lol- the other two were a girl as Malice in Wonderland (everyone thought she was a maid) and a girl dressed as a cheerleader. It was a great night out but Malice and I had been working until 9 so we rushed with getting our costumes on and getting down to the club in time to get in, which we did after half an hour of queuing. By that point it was less about the costumes and more about getting drunk after queing for so long.

The year before that I was the March Hare with a guy dressed as the Mad Hatter and a girl as Alice in Wonderland, we went for a Gothic theme and I was in black and tartan, highly successful and the best costume I've ever made lol.

Last year's Girl Scout is the favourite so far despite trending towards the stereotypical nature of girls dressing slutty rather than scary as they get older. It is true that many girls do use Halloween as an excuse to wear as little as possible and look as sexy as possible.

Indeed last year I was single and eager to look sexy whilst still enjoying the fun of Halloween and I thought being a Girl Scout was both daring and very tongue in cheek, I even had a cookie box and if a thunderstorm hadn't resulted in my friends' electric going out my friend and I would have even made Halloween cookies for me to offer out!

My other female friends were a mix of following my trend, sticking to the horror tradition and just going for fun- there was the unbelievably daring and revealing Fifth Element sellotape costume, the traditionally scary zombie, a sexy Batgirl, a sexy Supergirl, an amusing hippie a sexy vampire and Alice in Wonderland. All the costumes looked awesome as did the guys- gravedigger, Wildcats, belly dancer again lol, hippie, skeleton and jedi.

It was one of the best nights out though it was an end to the wild partying for us as afterwards most of us got jobs and changed living arrangements, it was the end of our summer after our last year of uni and the last Halloween were we still acting like students. Three of my friends and I managed to fit in the tradition of pumpkin carving and eating toffee apples which was nice.

This year I'm hoping to continue the vein of tradition with some pumpkin carving, toffee apples, decorating the house and dressing up of course though I expect the night to be less messy and hope for it to be a little more traditional.

I'm also hoping my costume turns out to be good, I've had two misfires from ebay one due to my own misjudgement, which is fine since my sister might take that costume, and one due to false advertising. I have since ordered from the actual website so hopefully the costume will be all I expect.

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