Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Last Unicorn- Then and Now

So I finally got the novel The Last Unicorn by Peter S Beagle after hearing it was much better than the beautiful movie and not just some kids' fantasy novel and indeed it has proved to be much more. The descriptions are divine and paint wonderful images in your head, even the brief ones strike vivid images in your head. Naturally the characters come across more in the book as it has time for development that the movie did not. Schmendrick is my favourite so far and the unicorn is a wonderful character, aloof at the start, disturbed and intriguing.

As for the movie, as a child I loved it for its fantasy and darker nature and as an adult I love it for the same reasons, plus the marvellous voice cast I can now appreciate. Not quite your average happy fantasy movie, it stood out to me for its darker undertones, mild black humour and marvellous animation. Better than Disney for its realism with an ending neither happy nor unhappy but brutally realistic and bittersweet (not that I don't adore Disney).

I would highly reccomend both the novel and the movie to those who have not read/seen it, children and adults alike. It's not just for your average fantasy fans reaching far beyond that with a more darker element, Haggard's castle especially shows this but the fantasy element is very vivid for those looking for it with unicorns, a harpy, a magician, curses, and more.

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