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Red On Screen- Updated

Since this is a blog with a Red Riding Hood theme I thought I'd do a post about Red on screen, also since I wrapped up Season 4 of True Blood and have just started Season 5 and took note of Jessica's daring costume. Really just lingere with a stunning hooded cloak, it still had a lasting effect for Jason and viewers, and it was nice to see a redheaded Red. I'd do anything for that hair and I wouldn't mind the expensive looking cloak either.

Real version: With this it's a velvet hooded cloak, down to the ankles and a daring red corset with black flower patterned lace, also velvet I think, with a black trim at the top. With it she wears stockings attached to suspenders and a black pendant on a ribbon. Now you can get the corset just fine and certainly garter belts and stockers are easy to come by. If you want something you can wear out, well some people would be happy enough to go ahead but if you're not so brave/slutty, then a black skirt would work well, or a red one, though finding one to match might be a little tricky. To make it more Red add a basket, perhaps a wolf's head (fake of course) and/or maybe some wolf ears and a cute tail.
If you want to just buy a costume rather than separate parts, hey you might only wear it once so why go to the hassle of buying a corset, stockings etc, or forking out money for a real corset etc? Well this costume is called Dark Red Riding Hood, as you can see it's going for the mostly red look with a hint of black, it's more conservative than Jess but with those gloves and the low cut it's still pretty dark and daring.

Once Upon A Time's Red has had a couple of costumes now, this and:
There was also the simple red cloak in the pilot episode and as Ruby she wears many clothes that allude to her true identity. While the second cloak has gorgeous detail I'm not fussed on the brown clothes, I think the corset with the gypsy esq top and the skirt are more traditional. I think when people picture Red, thanks to Halloween costumes, they envision a red skirt, black/red corset, white gypsy top and of course the infamous red hooded cloak. Of course it is nice to branch out and be different. I like Red's brown gloves a lot better than the crimson ones, they're too high up and bordering on tacky. The long red skirt is nice but impractical, and not too traditional with the shiny material.

Real version: Well how much are you willing to pay? Do it yourself with a brown corset, white gypsy top and long red skirt, with either red or brown gloves and of course the hooded cloak, if you're lucky you might find one with the flower patterns on etsy.
This bears loose similarities to the top one though it's hard to find. Frankly with this one it's really a DIY job.

Amanda Seyfried's costume was just disappointing, the hooded cloak was plain, nothing special save for its randomly changing length, the pink clashed with it and her outfits were forgettable.
The blue worked a little better, it was a nice contrast to the red, it gave her shape and it was more traditional looking. Still not much of an outfit for such an infamous character.

Real version: Pink dress or top with red skirt, or blue dress, or blue corset with matching skirt, and a brown belt and the hooded cloak of course. For the bottom one there is also a thin, long sleeved, white top underneath and an extra belt or rope around the belt. Needless to say it's hard to find a pink costume because pink clashes with red and it's not a popular idea for the Red costume but blue is possible if you just want to buy one.

This is cute and a lot more fun looking with a nice design on the skirt, I don't like the apron and I don't think it's detachable but you might get lucky and it is, in which case take it off and if you want a replica, add a large, brown belt and a long sleeved, white top underneath the dress. Get a longer, better looking hooded cloak as well.
There is also Gothic Red Riding Hood costume, I don't get why they went for blue and called it Red Riding Hood, it just makes no sense but there it is. I'd say just swap the cloak for a red one and you have a gothic version of Amanda's.

Ah look it's Sookie Stackhouse! Anna's costume in Trick R Treat was beautiful, though the all red made it blend a little too much it still made a desirable costume. Expensive looking clearly with a cloak the perfect length, a fitted corset and skirt and a traditional look to it. It would have been nice if the black on the corset had been more prominent for contrast but it's still a lovely costume.

Real version: Velvet or velvet velour cloak, corset dress or corset and matching skirt and a white gypsy top. You could maybe find a good replica online, otherwise the Strangelings one is still your best bet, or one of the Deluxe costumes.

The Company of Wolves, Rosaleen's costume is plain though the cloak is a beautiful shade of red and a soft looking material. Her plain brown dress seems traditional looking, she is from a modest, old village after all, and there is a hint of the typical, white gypsy top poking above it.
I loved this costume despite how plain the colours were, Rosaleen also wore this with a brown veil as if in direct contrast to her red hood. It's very traditional with the gypsy top, corset and skirt and I think that if the corset had been black and the skirt red, or both red, it would have worked very well for a Red Riding Hood costume.

Real version: Similar to Once Upon A Time's Red, go for a brown corset, white gypsy top with medium length sleeves, a long, brown skirt and of course the hooded cloak, in this case it looks woollen. Sadly I haven't seen any similar ready made ones.

Buffy Summers from Season 4 episode Fear Itself, in which a haunted house at a college party becomes a real haunted house. Willow was Joan of Arc, Xander was James Bond and Oz was God. Buffy's costume was made at the last minute by her mother and I think it shows. It's very simple, there's not a lot too the dress but the cloak looks nice and the basket was a good effort too. The pigtails were a cute addition, helping make the look more innocent.

The dress is quite country Little House on the Prairie/Wizard of Oz, the red chequered is quite common on a lot of Red Riding Hood costumes' skirts, but rarely for the whole dress because it looks overdone. The apron just clashes with the dress in my opinion, a half-white apron with a black or red corset might have worked better. Also the sleeve length is ugly, short sleeves or none at all would have been nicer, it makes her shoulders stand out too much, still at least the cloak would have kept that hidden for the most part. Overall I'm not a fan but Buffy does look cute but she'd probably look great in anything, and I find it funny how she mentions that there are weapons in the basket.

Real version: There are quite a few ready made ones for sale but if you want to do it yourself go for the red checked dress, a red spotted, white apron, pigtails and basket and a woollen, red, hooded cloak.
This one is known as Miss Red Riding Hood. There are quite a few similar numbers, though most only have the skirt checked and a half apron, the Reversable Red/Dorothy costume is also quite similar.

Faye from The Secret Circle, a show I only watched a couple of episodes of before I got bored with it. It's based on a series of books by Vampire Diaries author L.J Smith, which was cancelled. I found it hard to get a proper image of this, but it looks sexy yet not quite slutty, dangerous but not quite Red. Again she's going for the pigtails but it looks more severe on her, maybe it's the expression or simply because Faye looks like she can pull off sexy but not cute, unlike Bumblebee Cassie, whose quite the opposite.

The cloak is a great length, it's got volume and style, it looks velvet but it might be velvet velour, cheaper but just as effective. It sits perfectly on her, the hood shows enough so she's visible but still adds mystery and yet there's something lacking with this costume. This girl could be any hooded woman- a medieval lady, a huntress, a sorceress, there's nothing definitive except the obvious that makes her Red. I think with Red you need to put some effort, just sticking a red hooded cloak over any old costume is lazy. Much as I like the look of the corset, skirt, all black is too much, it's not a darker Red it's just not Red. If you want to do gothic red, try black and dark red, or add some bloodstains and dark eyeliner and eyeshadow, maybe go all out and don an expensive, gothic corset of red or black with a red lower piece, or try a white gypsy top with a black underbust corset and a red skirt. Also, the slutty schoolgirl Melissa is meant to be a Hogwarts student.

Real version: Black corset and mini or knee length skirt, and half length cloak of velvet or velvet velour.

There is the Rebel Red Riding Hood costume, it's hell for leather and the cloak is longer but it's got the all black look complete with corset.

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