Sunday, 1 November 2015

Belated Happy Halloween

So Halloween became a rushed affair in my household due to guests dropping out due to work and the fact that I got a new job offer so I've had to do a ridiculous number of hours in my current job before I go. In the end I went for a mismash of themes, Nightmare Before Christmas because I wanted to try making my own Zero and I wanted some of my teddies on display, Murder Mystery because we were initially going to have a Murder Mystery party, and a little hint of Snow White because I wanted to make some Snow White poisonous apples.

The result wasn't bad, I couldn't decide on my costume and was originally going to do CSI but then when we decided to host a Murder Mystery and opted for a 1920s theme I decided to get a Sherlock Holmes styled costume. When the Murder Mystery was cancelled I stuck with my costume and my fiance was my Dr. Watson. All in all a good night and a costume already bought for when the Murder Mystery does happen :-)/

My Zero, I used this tutorial to make him, with a few alterations.

For the Murder Mystery theme I had a crime scene and crime tape with some suggestive blood prints on the windows :-) Additionally, I had my usual Halloween decorations on display.

The crime scene tape and blood handprints came from ebay, the axe and gel blood stickers came from a pound shop and I used brown tape to make a body outline and then made the number cards out of carboard and paint, simple.

Finally, my costume Female Private Eye:

My fiance took the pipe and magnifying glass for his Dr. Watson costume complete with a bowler hat, shirt and waistcoat. I had my own magnifying glass courtsey of TK Maxx. All in all another successful Halloween.

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